Our references

Our expertise, our values and the involvement of AE2I team enable us to accompany our customers confidently on construction sites in the strategic stakes. We work in a close collaboration with more than 30 companies of the industrial field in France and today on the international stage.

Some examples of our realisations

Power Plant of Bouchain

Our teams work on the construction site of the Power plant of Bouchain. A large-scale project where it is a question of putting into service a  combustion turbine, a combined cycle. A Power plant new generation which allows to widen our area of competence. This realization comes to underline the quality of the work of our teams.

Yamal Project in Russia

Our engineering offices worked recently on the Project Yamal in Russia on a Turbine of type(chap) 6FA.

Implementation of chillers

We installed for one of our customers two chillers and we set up the piping of a new network of cooling steel / PVC. Our team realized the electric subjection and the putting into service.

Vouglans's dam

Our hydraulic maintenance team also worked on the site of Vouglans. It is the third largest dam in France. Hydroelectricity is a “green” energy. Our participation in this project underscores our commitment to respect the environment.

Koeberg site in South Africa

With our professionalism and quality of our services, our alternator maintenance teams intervened on Koeberg site in South Africa only nuclear power plant on the African continent.

Membre of la Vallée de l'Énergie

Since 2015, AE2I is a member of La Vallée de l’Énergie, the largest economic and industrial cluster in France.

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