Our values

Thanks to our values we are valuable partner. We take into account your corporate culture to ensure the success of our collaboration. Based on a relationship of trust, we support you in developing your projects. Our expertise and our professionalism allow us to be effective in relation to activity leaders within the industrial sector.



We believe that the availability is the key to building strong and lasting relationships with our employees, customers and suppliers. We believe that establishing mutual trust with our partners we can best meet their needs and expectations.



The complementarity of our employees guarantees collective efficiency at your service. Our team spirit and our feedback allow us to offer services suitable to each project.



On a constantly changing market, responsiveness is highly required. AE2I implements an organization who identifies rapidly your needs, takes decisions and implements solutions.


flexibility and transparency

Our flexibility and transparency are fundamental to all our services. We adapt to the peculiarities of each project. We implement all means to meet the specifications. Our openness, our communication skills and our expertise enable us to guarantee you a job seamlessly.



Data security and data ownership are essential. That is why we guarantee that all proposed solutions have been carefully designed to ensure a high level of confidentiality.


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